242 – Omar Obeidat

In Letters of Support, United States of Americaby

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Omar Obeidat

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News Producer

MBN – Alhurra TV

United States

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Dear Sirs,
I am pleased to express my full support to and deep respect of this initiative by HM King Abdullah the II. As a Jordanian Arabian Muslim, I believe that we should follow and implement Almighty Allah call for reaching non Muslims and practicing the “good dialogue” with them using “wisdom and decent advice”.
As a believer in Allah the one God of this universe, I believe in all of his prophets and Books. Accordingly, I believe all of the followers of those prophets and the believers in these books are my brothers in faith regardless their religion. I fully respect them and believe in their right to worship God the way they think it right.
In the end, we are all the children of Allah and he is the only one who has the right to judge us, and let’s know who is right and who is wrong if any at all were wrong.
God bless you all.