229 – Ambassador Arif Kamal

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Ambassador Arif Kamal

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Adviser – Global Studies Program

National Defence University


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In an age torn by conflict and violence, it is even more of an imperative that we inculcate a culture of peace by striving to fulfil the Qur’anic commandment of: ”And do not argue with the followers of earlier revelation otherwise than in a most kindly manner – save with those of them who act unjustly and say: “We believe in that which has been be¬stowed from on high upon us, as well as that which has been bestowed upon you: or our God and your God is one and the same, and it is unto Him that We [all] surrender ourselves.”
The World Interfaith Harmony Week is a ray of light and a positive step towards inculcating this culture of peace which is envisioned by the Qur’an. His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan and His Royal Highness Prince Ghazi should be commended and supported by all in their efforts to make this culture of peace a reality in our turbulent times.

Ambassador Arif Kamal
Member Aalal Bait Institute of Islamic Thought
Global Studies