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Bruce Green

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Bridge Building Facilitator

Afghan Coalition

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On behalf of Bridge Building and as a board member of the Afghan Coalition in Fremont, California, we enthusiastically support the initiative of H.M. King Abdullah II and H.R.H Prince Ghazi Bin Mohammed of Jordan to champion the annual World Interfaith Harmony Week. We also congratulate the United Nations General Assembly for adopting this resolution and hope all member states will support this initiative to build interfaith harmony, both locally and globally.
Bridge Building is an initiative from a consortium of churches in the Fremont area near San Francisco. The Pluralism Project of Harvard University selected this diverse region for a documentary on religious pluralism (available on their website: http://pluralism.org/fremontusa/). The Afghan Coalition is a leading social service organization serving the large number of Afghans in this region (http://www.afghancoalition.org/). Building bridges of understanding between the Muslim and Christian communities requires harmonious engagement from both sides of the bridge, which is beginning to happen in our area. We are happy to add our voices to the global chorus which needs to resonate with harmony in our discordant world.

Rev. Bruce Green
Bridge Building Facilitator
Board Member, Afghan Coalition
Centerville Presbyterian Church
4360 Central Ave.
Fremont, CA 94536