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Hartmut Dreier

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Reverend and community organisor

Protestant church, Christian-Islamic Association,Abraham-Festival


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For more than 30 years we are involved in inter-religious/inter-cultural efforts with children, youth and adults.

Re the strong impact of migrant workers from Turkey in our context the Ruhr-area in Germany our main thrust involves Christian-Muslim cooperative practice. Re German history since 2001 we have each year the Abraham-Festival Marl which is the oldest and ongoing trialogical project in Germany.

I am also involved on the Board of the Zentralinstitut-Islam-Archive-Deutschland Amina Abdullah Foundation (Soest,Germany)on behalf of the Protestant Church (=”Evangelische Kirche von Westfalen”)and support any move and movement for respect, trust and cooperation among people of different religions and living faiths. We share faith in God and responsibility for peace and justice and ecological awareness of Earth. Yours Hartmut Dreier