207 – Allama Abulfateh G R Chishti

In Letters of Supportby

I myself and on behalf of our organization `Universal Interfaith Peace Mission`(UIPM), `Common Word Movement Sub Office Islamabad`,warmly welcom and fully support without any reservation UN`historic Resolution regarding the`World Interfaith Harmony Week`which has been set aside to be celebrated in the Fist Week of February evey year. I and my like minded Ulema , Scholars and Mashiekh-Sufis from pakistan must participate in this unique program of great importance for world peace of which our beautiful modern world is in utmost need and we promise to orgnise supportive programs with pump and show God Willing.
Also I must add that to suport the `WIHW`has become our spiritual duty with the knowled that it idea of World Interfaith Harmony Week was suggested by HM King Abdullah II, followed by HRH Prince GHazi Bin Muhammad of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan asThe Royals belong to the Holy Family of Our beloved Prophet Muhammad therefore to support it is somethig relious obligation and thus we may be allowed to salute the HM King and HRH of Jordan the createrand leaders of A Common Word Beteen Us and YOU( Common Word Community World wide).


Universal Interfaith Peace Mission

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