198 – Maria

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I find it strange that the UN, which does so much to harm people from other religions, is establishing such a thing. In any case, I’m all for it. The world interfaith harmony week is a good idea. But then all faiths should really be in harmony with each other and people must respect other religions and their rulings. Muslims should be allowed to wear hijab. As for harmony, America please stop fighting us Muslims! Get your troops out of Iraq. Stop the wars! What harmony and peace there can be with armies and tanks? Besides, interfaith harmony isn’t something for a week, its for always. Here, there is even a right that people of each religion have, and other religions must always respect and have harmony with them. Okay, enough of criticism, I’ll end off on a good note. Thanks, UN for finally doing something positive. (If it isn’t yet another underhand scheme!)

South Africa


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