196 – Joseph Nahabwe

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Global Citizens International is a Believers Organization for interfaith Action against TRIBAL GOSPELS that produce religious extremism in what are otherwise Religions of Peace.
Our VISION is for a future single REPUBLIC, the Global Republic, spear headed by all BELIEVERS after ABRAHAM.
We believe only our CULTURES make us different, otherwise: WE ARE ONE HUMANITY, with ONE GOD, and ONE GOSPEL, namely, that incensant alienation not with-standing, RECONCILIATION IS POSSIBLE, both with God and fellow man.
We rejoice with & for the VISION of the rightly-named,H.E. ABDULLAH, God Bless Him, and the support shown him by the UN. We hope the UN will for once give us a consistent promotion of this vision without fronting for the interests of its principal sponsors.


Global Citizens International

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MR. CHAIRMAN, Director