143 – Rashid Patch

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As-Salaamo Aleykum – Peace be with you.

Qur’an makes it clear that all human societies have been sent guidance from God by Scriptures and Messengers, and that He has honored all of the Children of Adam. Qur’an further makes it clear that those who truly have faith believe in all of God’s Scriptures and in all of God’s Messengers, and that they cleave no divisions into the Unity of God’s Messengers.

If God wanted us all to be one religion, that would be easy for Him; He would just say, ”be”, and it would be so. He has made us different religions and races and nations in order that we might continually encounter each other intimately, to learn from each other.

I pray that this Interfaith Harmony Week is blessed with an increase of understanding, toleration, and good will among all human beings. Amin!

Imam Rashid Patch
Oakland, California, U.S.A.

United States


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