114. Dr Sergio AbdusSalâm Scatolini

In Letters of Support by Noora Chahine

To many young people, religion appears as one of the constant causes of conflict throughout history. Some of them cannot really quite see what is so wonderful about religions and opt therefore to write them off. If we truly want people to appreciate the spiritual richness and the pool of wisdom present at the heart of our religious experience(s) and traditions, then we must give a better example than our communities have done so far. Such a week is not just about who we are/were and what we do/have done, but above all also about who we could become and the wonderful things we could accomplish if we had a more interreligious mindset and got cooperating.




GROUP T – Leuven Education College

Title / Position

Senior lecturer at the Teacher Educ Program (Islamic Religious Education) and the UNESCO-inspired International Educating Classes (IEC)