King meets Russia’s Patriarch Kirill, Head of Fatwa Council.

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While in Russia, King Abdullah visited the Moscow Cathedral Mosque, where he met with Head of the Fatwa Council of Russia, Sheikh Rawi Ain El Din and other Islamic scholars.

The meeting touched on challenges pertaining to terrorism and their impact in defamation of Islam. The King highlighted the important role of mosques in raising the true and tolerant image of Islam which advocates peace and compassion and repudiates violence and hatred.

"We have a duty to uphold the true tolerant image of Islam,", said the King, noting initiatives which Jordan had launched such as the Amman Message, World Interfaith Harmony Week and the Common Word initiative, in a bid to promote dialogue and understanding between faith communities.

The King Also pointed out the essential role of Islamic scholars in disseminating the values of tolerance and moderation among communities and peoples, highlighting the significance of the voice of moderation of Russia's Muslims in defending the Islamic nation causes.

On his part, Sheikh Rawi Ain El Din commended King Abdullah's efforts in highlighting the true image of Islam in the different international forums.

He said the King's visit was historic as His Majesty is the direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). The Amman Message initiative, which Jordan launched in 2004 and calls for tolerance and unity in the Muslim world is of great importance, said Sheikh Ain El Din, lauding the King's efforts in supporting Islamic communities.

He also underscored Jordan's role, led by King Abdullah, to realize peace and security in the Middle East, as well as His Majesty's unwavering efforts and endeavors to achieve comprehensive peace, leading to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Sheikh Ain El Din also praised the historic role of King Abdullah in protecting Islamic and Christian sanctities in Jerusalem out of the Hashemite Custodianship over the holy sites in the city. At the end of the meeting, King Abdullah singed the Mosque's guestbook.

The meeting was attended by Minister of Foreign and Expatriate Affairs and Jordan's Ambassador in Moscow.