Jamaica sponsors World Interfaith Harmony Week

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Jamaica sponsors World Interfaith Harmony Week

Permanent Representative of Jamaica to the United Nations, Ambassador, Courtenay Rattay on Feb. 6, told world religious leaders, humanitarians and guests at the United Nations Headquarters in New York city, that World Interfaith Harmony Week is more than a celebration, noting that it is a manifestation of the shared values of coexistence, fraternity and human understanding.

“The recognition of interfaith dialogue is an important condition for sustainable peace and development. As such, it is our duty and responsibility to ensure that interfaith harmony is mainstreamed in the implementation of each and every goal of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.”

“Every religion, every country, and every culture has something positive to contribute to the promotion of social harmony and human values, and to the achievement of the 17 SDGs,” said Rattray, whose country was the main sponsor of World Interfaith Harmony Week 2019, themed: Building Bridges Across Boundaries.

He underscored, the significant role religious leaders play in fostering, within the communities they serve, the principles, values and morals that are the vital underpinnings, for creating sustainable societies.

During opening remarks Amb. Rattay noted that activities seek to safeguard the minds and souls of men, women boys and girls, not only by addressing their physical needs, but also ensuring they find spiritual fulfillment. “In this respect, I commend the efforts of all religious leaders who are with us this evening and wish you continued success.”

The diplomat acknowledged the critical role that faith and religion play in safeguarding peace, security and stability, noting that these are necessary factors in fostering sustainable societies.

“The Permanent Mission of Jamaica is pleased to participate in this commemorative event and congratulates the organizers on their commitment to include religious and faith-based groups in the sustainable development process.”

He reminded the world religious leaders that the ‘2030 Agenda’ is an occasion to reinforce a stronger sense of commitment between religious leaders, NGOS, and the United Nations, noting that finding common ground to implement sustainable development goals will allow “us to move towards a greater sense of engagement for all and by all.” said the diplomat.

While inspiring the leaders, to continue their work, he called on them to maintain their commitment to securing a future of peace, harmony and sustainable development for all humanity.