Interfaith Harmony Week Commemorated in Jerusalem

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By UPF – Israel

Jerusalem, Israel – Celebrating the UN Interfaith Harmony Week, a group of key Ambassadors for Peace gathered in Jerusalem on February 12 – Several prominent academics joined the religious leaders in expressing their concern for the current state of affairs in the Middle East and the Korean peninsula. “Peace and stability can be attained when democratic freedom loving countries will demonstrate strength on one hand while showing benevolence towards their adversaries on the other,” said Mr. Jeremy Jordan, Secretary General of UPF-Israel.

He went on to give a report about UPF’s recent International Leadership Conference in Korea and the inspiration he had received from the speech given by the International President Dr. Hyung Jin Moon. Mr. Jordan also reiterated the vision of an interreligious council at the UN.
Sheikh Samih Natur representing the Druze faith expressed his people’s readiness to join and support any interfaith initiative that can advance the cause of peace.
Dr. Nurit Supinski Hirshfeld proposed the establishment of a peace academy fostering peacebuilding education.
Dr. Shelley Elkayam, who together with Prof. Eldad Pardo graciously hosted the meeting at their magnificent home, called for getting official recognition of the intended peace academy.
During the active discussion that followed, Prof. Eliezer Glaubach and his wife Mrs. Rachel Glaubach presented a special declaration for Interfaith Harmony Week called the Jerusalem Statement, pointing out the values of interfaith cooperation deriving from God’s call to all his children to take mutual responsibility for building world peace. The statement was then signed by all people present.
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Jerusalem, February 12, 2012
The Jerusalem Statement
We Ambassadors for Peace in the Holy Land, declare today the following:
The 2012 World Interfaith Harmony Week as initiated by the United Nations General Assembly, and celebrated by the UPF, means for us the recognition and celebration of universal values as expressed in the holy scriptures by the prophets of all monotheistic faith religions – Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Druze, etc.
We refer to peace, freedom, human rights, dignity, and the oneness of humanity as “One Family Under God.”
We feel in our deepest heart that we are coming to know a new sense of freedom and happiness. No matter how far we have gone in our lives, with God’s will we will realize that what God is doing for us is what we could not do for ourselves.
The Prophets saw God’s future actions as truly decisive for the life or death of Israel and all nations of faith, and the promises of peace were designed to lead them to faith, steadfastness, and faithfulness.
Therefore, we believe that these promises are closer to the heart of God’s reality than any threats, and thus we pray for the strengthening of all the common ground and harmony among the nations and peoples on earth.
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