Gambia: Euclid Celebrates UN World Interfaith Harmony Week

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By Abdoulie Nyockeh


EUCLID head office in Banjul joined the rest of the world to celebrate the United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week on the theme: “A common word.”

The United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week is observed worldwide annually from 1 to 7 February.

EUCLID is an intergovernmental organisation with a University Charter and mandate established in 2008 under the United Nations Treaty series 49006/49007, and it has had its headquarters in Banjul since 2013.

EUCLID is currently serving 12 participating states across four continents with an understanding of the critical issues relevant to cultural, diplomacy, international relations and the peaceful co-existence of people of different religions, races, and so on.

To ensure the international usefulness of its programmes offered, EUCLID is chartered to confer diplomas, degrees and completion of certificates accredited by the ministries of education of the participating parties.

A member of the University Consortium, EUCLID receives the mandates to facilitate universal access to higher education and to foster the acquisition of knowledge and competencies under the supervision of the ministries of education and foreign affairs of the participating countries or parties.

Through direct participating and cooperative agreements, EUCLID currently serves 12 participating states and four intergovernmental organisations such as CAFRAD, ECOWAS, ICC, LLPI, as well as selects students from other governments and from the general public.

The mission of EUCLID is to deliver best of class distance education and consulting services to participating states’ officials, as well as to the general students.

According to its statutes, Section 111, EUCLID’s official mission is to develop and offer training programems for officials and employees of the participating parties, especially ministry and university senior staff, to develop and offer high-quality degree programmes for the general public, regardless of location and citizenship.

It was also to facilitate the creation of cooperative networks and programmes relevant to its educational initiatives, promote the international image of the participating parties, as well as corporate institutions, and offers support to the educational institutions located in the participating parties.

It also broadens the understanding of the field of distance education and promotes the implementation and dissemination of methods, norms, rules and guidelines that apply to this field.

It as well strengthens and supports the national capacity to engage in sustainable development through ad-hoc training and education, while taking into consideration the traditional social and cultural values of each nation.

During the celebration, there were various presenters who dilated on the overview of EUCLID University and the celebration; EUCLID’s participation at home and abroad and the importance of peaceful co-existence of religions, the Islamic perspective, current global insecurities and the Christian perspective.