FoGuang Shan leads interfaith prayer for Chinese New Year 2014

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

FOGUANG Shan Philippines, the country’s largest Buddhist and charity organization leads this year’s Chinese New Year celebration.

A kick-off to the 2014 World Interfaith Harmony Week, at the center of the event is the FoGuang Shan Prayer and Symposium. As such, a nationwide call and invite stands with focus on the message how through practicing our faith comes “love and peace.”

The celebration starts today with a full night of festivities starting off with the highly-anticipated lion and dragon dances followed by song and dances with guests.

FoGuang Shan also set a Thanksgiving Prayer with greetings from the “God of Wealth” and the New Year’s blessings.

The celebration will also see lantern light offering, photo and candy booths, games for the family with a special play area set for the children. A Sutra Transcription will also be present alongside an extensive book display and art exhibit of the children’s paintings.

Come Saturday is yet another highlight in the prayer and symposium that will see a convocation of various interfaith groups to welcome the new year.

In a news statement, FoGuang Shan Philippines said a roundtable discussion is further set with a workshop on the three acts of goodness – do good deeds, say good words and think good thoughts.

Objectives of the celebration are to promote harmony among faith-based organizations, to greet the new year with prosperity and blessings and to advocate the 3 stated acts of goodness.

Organizer is the UNIHarmony Partners of Manila with FoGuang Shan Philippines working with the Buddha’s Light International Association Philippines.

The celebration will be at the FoGuang Shan Mabuhay Temple in Pablo Ocampo Street, Malate, Manila. Expected here are leaders and the faithful from various faith-based organizations throughout the country.

For FoGuang Shan, promotion of harmony is important – regardless of faith and culture.