Visit My Mosque Day 2017 (5475)

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Visit My Mosque day is a nationwide open day campaign where over 150 mosques across the UK all held an open day on the same day

From 12:00am until 11:30pm

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Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) / 07932546995

#VisitMyMosque day took place on Sunday 5th February 2017. Facilitated by the Muslim Council of Britain, the initiative is now in its third year. This year saw over 150 mosques taking part. Mosques from all regions of the UK took part (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), inviting in their local communities and non-Muslims to share tea and refreshments along with an opportunity to put their questions to mosque-goers. 2017 saw a large increase in the number of mosques taking part from 94 to 159 mosques. From big mosques such as Finsbury Park Mosque to small ones such as Craven Arms Islamic Centre, #VisitMyMosque saw a whole range of mosques taking part. This year, two launch events took place- one in London at Finsbury Park Mosque and the other in Manchester at Khizra Mosque. This year’s theme focused on ‘what mosques do for their local communities.’ This theme aimed to highlight the invaluable contribution that Mosques and British Muslims make in their local communities. A full summary report is available online at

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