Interfaith Pilgrimage to Jordan (5901)

In Sweden by


At From Fisksätra to Jordan

Guds Hus c/o Nacka forsamling, Box 31, 131 06 Nacka Sweden

Guds Hus, Fisksatra Sweden / +46708721127

As an event during the world interfaith harmony week 2017, a delegation from god’s house, with Muslims, Protestants and Catholics, made an interfaith pilgrimage to Jordan. One purpose was to make a field trip to jordan, a country with a long history of inter-religious dialogue, to learn more, and to share experiences and thoughts about inter-religious dialogue between christians and muslims. The trip also had a spiritual purpose. The interfaith pilgrimage to the holy land, gave the group a chance for spiritual recharging and exchange, based on common “return to the sources” religious experience shared by all. The trip brought us together across the religious border, with the opportunity to pray together for world peace and an understanding between our religious traditions.

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