UIPM Campaign to visit Print Media (7411)

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A Delegation of Universal Interfaith Peace Mission (UIPM) will visit Newspapers Offices and to encourage them to publish news , viws and articles to explain the prime pupose of WIHW of UN for the best interest of Pakistan in particular and for the rest of the wold in Particular

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No:2006 A Jame Masjid Mai Saleem Akhtar Road New Sohan Islamabad Pakistan C/O POBox No: 2016 GPO ISB Code 44ooo

Universal Interfaith Peace Mission (UIPM) / 03015055014

The UIPM Campaign will be run under leadership of Allama Dr G R Chishti Founder and Chairman of the organisation to convince the newspapers` Editors and Reporters to give appropriate coverage to the WIHW celebrations in Pakistan so that the message of the WIHW may spread beyond the expected limits the result of this campaign would be sumitted to the Royal Good Offices of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with the reports of events that would be organized during 1-7 February 2016.

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