`Rose Roshan Show` on the History, and benefit of WIHW (8099)

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Allama Dr GR Chishti Chairman UIPM is also Anchor of Roze News Channel Pakistan who will present all about the World Interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW) in his full show namely `Rose Roshan`- the bright Day

From 1:10pm until 2:00pm

At Studio of Roze News TV Channel Sector G-8/4Street 27 Islamabad Pakistan

N0; 2006 A Jame Masjid Mai Saleem Akhtar Road New Sohan Islamabad c/o PO box N0: 2016 GPO Islamabad Post Code 44000

Universal Interfaith Peace Mission (UIPM) / 03015055014

Allama Dr GR Chishti Anchor of Roze News Channel Islamabad Pakistan presents Program `Rose Roshan` every Friday at 1:10 pm so the Friday that falls on 27 January 2017 , has been dedicated to spread the message of WIHW at wide arage it because the program is religious and is in Urdu Language which is also tranmits from Dubai for Pakistani and Indian who are Urdu speaking

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