The Week of Rapprochement and Human Harmony (2nd)

In Algeria by


Conferences ;morning time ,program of the four days included couple of the Events and activities;meeting between participants and students .The theme is about :Interfaith Dialogue ,from Dialogue of Civilizations and Culture to Alliance of Civilizatiions (UNAOC-Madrid Forum2008 -Baku2016) .The aim of this event is to explain our project of hope:An Appeal to One Civilization to One World.See my book in Arabic just come out in Yazori publisher, Jordan

From 9:30pm until 11:30pm

At LDCM Lab.2/ Laboratory Research ,Batna university 2. Algeria DZ

Batna university2 Haj Lakhdar

Laboratory Research of Dialogue Between Civilizations and Globalization,Batna university, Algeria / +213 666347963

Rapprochement and Human Harmony along Globalization 1-From Clash of Civilizations to Dialogue of Civilizations 2- From Dialogue of Civilizations to Alliance of Civilizations 3- From Alliance of Civilizations to An Appeal to One Civilization to One World 4- From One Civilization to One World to Promoting Interfaith Dialogue of Religions The goal of the Event: The meeting aims to: -Contribute in upholding and consolidating the Concept of humanitarian cooperation which is founded mainly on mutual respect and strenthening the cultural and relationship between Nation. -Participate in supporting the notion of promoting the trends of humanitarian harmony, co-existence,tolerence and dialogue between cultures and civilizations - Link the theoretical goals and content of promoting Interfaith dialogue of religions within One civilization to One world. -To explain our project of hope: The Future of the Dialogue of Civilizations Along Globalization within Rapprochement and Human Harmony in our globalize World. Note: We already organized many International Conferences about dialogue of civilizations and cultures in contribution with Institutions of Kingdom of Morocco and togethers published many books and articles.See my website:

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