The “real” Jordan? A dialogue about Culture, Traditions &Gender

In Jordan by


From 5.00 pm until 7.00 pm

At URI MENA office

Al-Abdali, Suliman Nabulsi-Str. 73, 1st floor

URI MENA / [email protected]

URI MENA Office would like to invite you for a round table on Culture, Traditions and Gender in Jordan. Viktoria has spend five months as an EVS-Volunteer working and living in Jordan. 

We would like to talk about her experience in Jordan and about the question:
What is "The real Jordan"? 
Is there something like it? How is it? 
How do you see Jordanians? How did Viki perceive Jordanian people? 
Where do these perceptions meet and where do they differ?
How did Viki's image of Jordan change from before she arrive until now?

And of course, we will talk about what can we learn from each other?

We're looking forward to welcoming you and your friends to share your point of view with us!

See you on Saturday!

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