The Lords Prayer and Al-Fatihah – a scriptural dialogue

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Scriptural dialogue in groups, reflecting on The Lords Prayer and Al-Fatihah. Plenary and ending with a dinner.

From 6:00pm until 9:30pm

At Islamic-Christian Study Center

Ryesgade 30 b, 2200 Copenhagen N.

Islamic-Christian Study Center / 0045- 25699569

Islamic Christian Study Center (IKS) has been functional since 1995 and has arranged various academic, social and spiritual events in relation to encounters of faith. After the terror events in Denmark last year the need for prayer and scriptural reflection ever needed. This event will bring together people of faith to discuss two of the most recited prayers in the world. The Lords Prayer and Al-Fatihah. How do we understand these prayers and how do they impact our daily lives? What are the commonalities and differences in these two prayers? Different dialogue groups will be formed this evening to discuss this topic and a plenary at the end will sum up the thoughts from the evening. Academicians, pastors, imams, laymen/women etc. will be part of the program. The evening will conclude with a joint dinner. The organisation 'Faith and Food' is the co-host. Professor emeritus Theodore Jørgensen, Pastor Dr. Theol. Lissi Rasmussen, Imam Naveed Baig and Professor Safet Bektovic will be amongst the facilitators.

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