Revenge …. Its dangerous and how to find solutions to build communities live in peace

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To set struggle among Muslim and their neighbours either Muslim or Christians in the matter of revenge. So we set our event in order to spread love , tolerance and peace among all people especially in Upper Egypt.

From 9:00am until 3:00pm

At A big party

Mubark City, block192, flat 2 , Assiut, Egypt

Directorate of Education and The House of Egyptian family organisation / 020/ 01145649423 Egypt

Revenge …. Its dangerous and how to find solutions to build communities live in peace We say goodbye but we do not find a safe route. The waves of violence have taken us away and we forget safety. We revenge , without awareness. Murder, theft, rape mercilessly. Target has become uncertain because of ignorance prevailed in the world for the right thing. We did not realize our humanity yet? Ahmed and Walaa are my children Mary and Abdul Christ are my sons in humanity. Sheikh Abdul Rahman and Al Anba Morcos are my neighbours and brothers in humanity. Do we go back to the source of tolerance and beam of light from the Lord of mankind in the words of esteemed messengers? Would you read about tolerance, love and forgiveness in the Torah and the Bible and the Koran? Come back, my son, to guide humanity and return to the purity of hearts with the revival of The World Interfaith Harmony Week among Religions and a noble initiative launched by His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan in the first week of February every year. Respect and appreciation for your good self with honesty and good intentions with love of God and love of neighbour and love of righteousness and love of neighbour. It is a call to return to the platform of welcome, security, safety and returning into Peace Song. Mrs. Eman Mohamed Yousif saddik . 01145649423 . Assiut, Egypt

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