PL84U AL-SUFFA (3857)

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Interfaith speakers and feeding the homeless

From 10:00am until 3:30pm

At ST. Gabriels Family Centre

Havant Road, Walthamstow, London E17 3J

PL84U AL-SUFFA / Email: [email protected] / Mobile: 07539364110

Our event brings together people of many faiths but lead by Muslims and their partners. 

London, an area of great wealth and diversity but under this are many accounts of deprivation with mainly Eastern European homeless and many others here in Walthamstow (East London).

An integrated service is offered for the elderly, homeless and people who are 'In Need' supported by Christian and Muslim congregations. The service offers more than a hot meal on a PL8, the PL8 also offers a gateway to local services appropriate to our 'guests' the service users along with clothes and food bank we endeavour to provide a welcoming and safe environment where one can interact with another over a meal and or play board games and more.

An ideal haven is planned where our 'guests' can take the opportunity of being pampered with a free haircut or a manicure by professionals  who have partnered up with PL84U AL-SUFFA.

As volunteers we are all motivated by our sense of community and faith, a faith which teaches us to provide for and share with others who are less fortunate regardless of their faith or non. A place where several languages are freely spoken and respected, the lack of verbal communication does not deter us from reaching out, showing a caring attitude towards our fellow 'guests'.

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