Interfaith Session – Faithful Friends: Beyond Faiths (9964)

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Large Scale Interfaith Conversation

From 6:00pm until 9:30pm

At NUS Museum

50 Kent Ridge Cres, Singapore 119279

NUS Muslim Society / 98064266

We will be organising a large scale interfaith session in collaboration with the NUS Interfaith group, Varsity Christian Fellowship, NUS Buddhists Society and NUS Hindu Society. Participants of all faith and non-faith groups are welcome to join us as we explore the practices and beliefs of the various faith and non-faith groups, through light hearted, meaningful conversations. Students will interact with each other in small groups, get to know snippets of each other’s beliefs and form lasting bonds. Muslim students will be able to develop a deeper appreciation for Islam and this would reaffirm their beliefs. With more opportunities to interact with people of other faiths, muslim students will also realise the importance of learning more about their own religion so that they can better speak about it when questions are asked. We also hope that friendships formed through this event will last beyond the scope of the event, possibly through future interfaith events, strengthening ties between students of all faiths in the NUS Community. This session, being different from ones conducted before, would hopefully pave the way for more interfaith conversations that focus on trust and relationship building. With this, muslims will also have more opportunities to share the beauty of Islam and be able to become ambassadors of their own religion.

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