Interfaith Harmony Knowledge In The Community For A Fructify Future ( Day 1)

In Uganda by


At Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC) National Theatre Kampala.


Interfaith Harmony Network Uganda (IHNU) / +256 754 586617

The Interfaith and Culture diversity in Schools and Communities, will be an affair of Schools showcasing the roles of Interfaith and Culture diversity in their respective Schools. Schools to showcase diversity among students, staff, faculty and programs as well as excellence in co-curricular activities, leadership, interfaith and cultural performances and other notable areas. The theme “Interfaith Knowledge in community for a fructify future” aims at promoting a more just and compassionate society in Uganda. Expected (a) Motivational talk (b)Career clinic (c) Raising level of understanding, awareness and tolerance of interfaith and cultural differences, sharing different interfaith and cultural experiences and promoting students participation in various out of class pursuits. Activities will include an(a) Expo. (b) Games- this involves tug rope competition, martial arts, cultural dances, Faith articulation, music and dance shows.(c) Cultural cuisine – European, Indian, Chinese, Pakistani and Ugandan cuisine menu will be presented. Others will be things to do with children eg bouncing castle, ice cream and many more. 

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