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People of different faiths come together in sacred places to listening, learning, talking to each other, eating, drinking, praying and listening to the prayers of other guests.

From 10:00am until 2:00pm

At Die Moschee, Ahmadiyya

Brienner Str. 7/8, 10713 Berlin, Germany

Religions for Peace Berlin (RfP / Berlin)

- Interfaith Meet and Brunch - We come together to get to know and encounter with people of different faiths, in sacred places and buildings. We learn something about the tradition and faith of the inviting community. We learn through taste, see, smell and eat together about the religious food traditions and rules of different religions. Every guest bring some of her/his favorite food. We around the various prepared (vegetarian) dishes, some of us say some prayer, words of grace, thanks and blessing, from their respective religion – and then the big sharing, trying and tasting. The Interfaith Brunch is planned at least once a year from UN World Interfaith Harmony Week 2015 on, at a different place every time, and likely hosted by a different community of faith. 6) Including some Art in the meeting, for example music or Art-objects like "Peace-Lights" (Light-painter Leo Lebendig co-operated and explained some aspects of his bigger project „Peace Light of the Religions“).

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