Interfaith Afternoon Tea in the House of Lords (2256)

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Interfaith Afternoon Tea Discussion

From 3:30am until 6:30am

At House of Lords, Parliament

House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW.

Cllr Hashim Bhatti (Three Faiths Forum Alumni Committee) / 07765648730

I am voluntarily organising an Interfaith Afternoon Tea in the House of Lords which is sponsored by Lord Mohamed Sheikh (a UK government peer) for 14 young and diverse faiths leaders from different UK organisations. The aim of the interfaith tea is to bring young leaders from different faith organisations who wouldn't usually work together to discuss opportunities to collaborate, to share stories about the amazing work they do and to see how we can all work together to shape the sector in the UK. By creating this safe space I hope more ideas flourish which can help boost community cohesion in the UK. I have been voluntarily doing this for the last 10 years outside of work. Cllr Hashim Bhatti (3FF Alumni Committee/Parliamentor)

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