Ajuda em Diálogo (Ajuda in Dialogue) (9941)

In Portugal by


A Day in Ajuda to meet the Interfaith Diversity in Portugal

From 10:30am until 5:00am

At Ajuda (Lisbon)

Jardim das Damas (a garden in the Palace of Ajuda)

Science of Religions Area, DIALOGAR – Associação para a Educação Integral e Espiritualidade and the Ajuda Civil Parish (Lisbon Municipality) / 914118235

On February 11, the Jardim das Damas of Ajuda Palace hosted the Ajuda em Diálogo (Ajuda in Dialogue) event, an initiative celebrating the World Week of Interfaith Harmony (launched by the UN in 2011). This day was dedicated to the interreligious diversity and meeting of various religious and spiritual communities and associations: Friendship Association Portugal-Isrrael, Association "Ser Ajuda" (Parish of Our Lady of Ajuda), Brahma Kumaris, Politheist Congregation, Portuguese Community of Candomblé and Yoruba , Bahá'í Faith, Philadelphia Evangelical Church, Our Lady of Ajuda Parish, Portuguese Buddhist Union. The organization of this meeting was born from the partnership of the Area of ​​Science of Religions of ULHT with DIALOGAR - Association for Integral Education and Spirituality and the Parish of Ajuda. The day was filled with lectures, debates, concerts and activities for all ages, reflecting the objectives of this event: inclusion and encounter with the beautiful diversity and difference that surrounds us. From a theme that involves us all in the same commitment for harmony and paths to peace, we have joined the cultural projects associative to the academic universe in the presence and participation of the Center for Research in Cosmovisions and Spiritual and Religious Worldviews (CICMER ) from the Religious Science Area: Islamic Heritage and Spirituality Research Line, Asian Cosmovision Research Line, and the Observatory for Religious Freedom. In a moment that unites communities, local powers and academia, civic action gains importance and meaning, and in what was the closing gesture of this event, we evoked the light of the candles that represents the compression with and by the Interreligious Harmony that each person present took and took with him.

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