“Candles for Forgiveness.” (7845)

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20 widows and widowers of the fallen people during conflicts in Kasese district western Uganda will participate. To start the evening we shall enjoy a wonderful meal with, prepared by the women of our core team of organizers. Afterwards we hold amazing evening of interfaith music, and testimonies with about 50 participants. The event shall even look at holding a meditation session to reflect on the recent killing of the innocent souls of the people who were killed by Ugandan government soldiers amidst a misinformation by different people on the Muslim community. An information sharing platform shall be conducted and formed that shall have all representatives of different religions to advocate for this interfaith harmony day since it sounds new to our communities for continued celebration and honoring the day.

At Bwera Town council, kasese district, western Uganda

Alliance For Development, (AFODE) / +256 772 887949

Meeting the targeted religious leaders Identification and selection of the widows and widowers Holding of evening meal with the widows and widowers Writing of information placards about the interfaith harmony week Form a plat sharing platform of the religious leaders to advocate for the interfaith harmony week

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