Bridging The Divides | BPHW: Soul Search (1135)

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Musical journey of different faiths for soul searching by leading University artists of Dhaka

From 6:00pm until 9:00pm

At EMK Center

Rua dos Mercerados,96

Gen Lab & ACWAY / 926398035

Music has long been an expression of people from different cultures around the world. Different faiths have tunes that connects with soul and bring a common tranquil environment that brings peace in mind. With the songs, music the cultural coexistence of Bengal would be portrayed. Sufi, Kafi, Kirtan, folk, Marfati, Lalon, they have given the message of harmony. The love and peace that we perceive from tunes will be spread from the music and interpretation with music. Gen Lab is also believing that; only music can bring all religions, cultures and virtues in an unparalleled tune. Inspired by the theme of cooperative coexistence we are going to organize a musical event under the name of “Soul Search” where a promising “Traditional Sufi Music” band will present some authentic Sufi, Boul & Marfoti songs and moreover they will discuss the beauty of religious diversity and coexistence of different culture.

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