24 Waves Daily of prayers

In Bangladesh by


foci in first half hour UTC across many faiths

At round of the Earth

Earth all ontinents and oceans

Multi Region Uri / Frederica Halmiere / [email protected]

The launching of planetary GLOBAL-PRAYER “Sync” combined across many creeds. Ongoing Millions of prayers together with meditations, self-growth practices and other Subtle Activities occur in every moment on our Planet in a steady but chaotic, non-coherent stream. This phenomenon holds precious foci of/to WE-enlightenments. Today this big human power found scattered happenings amongst individuals or in local groups without any non-local world coordination. Let us gather those prayers out of randomness into the regular timed march formation who heads remotely together in hourly rhythm for Peace, comonality of virtual “Life Synctuary”. Let us launch the planetary “GOLBAL–Prayer Sync” conform Gaia’s Call: Pray simultaneously. As for W.I.H.W. 2017 we plan to start inform believers ti tune own familiat time of prayer and get waves of 50.000 practitioners who pray SIMULTANEOUSLY in remote togetherness. It is easy. Let each volunteer move own prayer or familiar spiritual activity to the first half hour UTC, once a day. Each person of faith want receive and radiate compassion and love. By sharing process she or he make less then 2% subtle timing of own prayer’s. So one reach the simultaneity wave of globally orchestrated sizable number of prayers of all creeds . Imagine: Each of the hundreds of thousands of volunteers brings own part to the one common MEGA-GLOBAL–Prayer wave. Next wave reiterates with sizable number of next participants in row of 24 waves daily. The volunteers come remote together keeping own various creeds, traditions and faiths. They consciously exchange of feelings, wishes, coherence, forgiveness and compassion trough bio-environmental fields. They pray in comonality for main global wishes or threats to our future like Nuclear Weapons, clima warming, terror and wars. By taking part in Global Prayer they strengthen own world Identity: How to be honest human aware of our reponsability for Life on Earth. The result of tuning the time of prayers to the first half hour UTC is shown on the below video: “The GLOBAL–Prayer”. It explains: How individual take part directly on global changes by the bio–environmental field of Planet Earh.

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