Archive of Events

Below are the list of WIHW events that took place globally for the year of 2013.

Seminar on Interfaith Harmony and Tolerance

Start: Tuesday 26th of February 2013 12:00:15 AM
End: Tuesday 26th of February 2013 12:00:22 AM
Location: International Islamic University Malaysia Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Kuala Lampur, MY
Madin Islamic Academy( had conducted special functions in connection with United Nations Interfaith Harmony Week since its inception year itself. In this year we plan to conduct a seminar in collaboration with International Islamic University Malaysia( This seminar aims to promote the great message of Interfaith Harmony and Tolerance. Discussions and papers will bring light to the area of tolerance among the religion, communities and groups. Harmony Award dinner will be the prime attraction of this year event. The name and details of winners will be declared in the first week of February.

WIHW Celebration

Start: Monday 18th of February 2013 12:00:16 AM
End: Monday 18th of February 2013 12:00:20 AM
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, MY
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - UPF-Malaysia is organizing a celebration of World Interfaith Harmony Week in Kuala Lumpur on February 18. For more information email Sam Yeoh.

“Signing of the Covenant”

Start: Saturday 2nd of February 2013 12:00:14 AM
End: Saturday 2nd of February 2013 12:00:17 AM
Location: Celebrity Hall, Grand Astoria Hotel, ZAMBOANGA, PH
Launching Activity – “Signing of the Covenant”.

Interfaith Harmony Programmes

Start: Saturday 2nd of February 2013 12:00:10 AM
End: Wednesday 27th of February 2013 12:00:22 AM
Location: Ma\'din Campus, Swalath Nagar, Malappuram, IN
Ma'din Academy has decided to conduct 7 various programmes in connection with Interfaith Harmony Week 2013. These events will teach the value of love and tolerance among different believers and withing the community. The Inaugural session will be on Saturday 2nd February at Malappuram and closing ceremony on 27th February at Malaysia. International Islamic University will also join us in various programmes this year also.


Start: Saturday 2nd of February 2013 12:00:10 AM
End: Sunday 3rd of February 2013 12:00:18 AM
Location: Khurampura, Khanewal, Khanewal, PK
BETHAK will celebrate Interfaith cultural festival from 2nd Feb to 3rd Feb 2013 at Khanewal region of Punjab province.In this event local artists will perform folk songs of peace and harmony, poets will read their peace poems, and folk dances and theatre performance will be apart of the the interfaith cultural festival. Sharing meal will served to promote social and cultural relationships for better understanding among communities.

The Importance of Multi-faith Understanding & the Dangers of Religious Ignorance

Start: Sunday 3rd of February 2013 12:00:10 AM
End: Sunday 3rd of February 2013 12:00:15 AM
Location: College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA, Williamsburg, US
We plan a one-credit course February 3, 2013, featuring major scholars and introduced by the president of the College of William & Mary" on the above topic. The proposed speakers and topics will be: Dr. Shireen Hunter, Georgetown University, "International Savvy: The Importance of Studying Religion in Understanding Global Affairs." (confirmed) Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff of Secretary of State Colin Powell, "Consequences of NOT Studying Religions' Role in Global Affairs." (confirmed) Dr. Lawrence Forman, Rabbi Emeritus of Ohef Sholom Temple in Norfolk and founder of the Institute for Jewish Studies and Interfaith Understanding at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia;"Interfaith Dialogue...A Way Toward Healing and Reconciliation." This course is cross-listed in Religious Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies, and we expect 100 student participants. We will also welcome community members. Overall participation is expected to be 300. Each speaker will assign pertinent readings. The one-day conference will be followed by three discussion group meetings, in weeks following the event. Students will produce reflection papers on each presentation as well as a final paper on the overall project. We envision this course as a pilot program and hope to make it an annual event. ................................ WIHW Publicity (posted online and sent to regional newspapers): W&M to host one-day interfaith conference In recognition of the United Nations’ World Interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW), William & Mary will host a one-day conference, “The Importance of Multi-Faith Understanding and the Dangers of Religious Intolerance,” on Sunday, Feb. 3. The event is being organized by I-Faith, a student group devoted to interfaith understanding. All lectures will take place in Millington Hall, Room 150 between 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. This conference is free and open to the public. Speakers include Shireen Hunter, a visiting political scientist at Georgetown University’s Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian understanding, where she directs a project on Reformist Islam funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. She will discuss “International Savvy: The Importance of Studying Religions in Understanding Global Affairs.” Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, a distinguished adjunct professor of government and public policy at William & Mary and former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell (2002-2005), will address the “Consequences of NOT Studying Religion’s Role in Global Affairs.” Lawrence Forman, Rabbi Emeritus of Ohef Sholom Temple in Norfolk and founder of the Institute for Jewish Studies and Interfaith Understanding at Old Dominion University, will speak on “Interfaith Dialogue… A Way Towards Healing and Reconciliation.” The event will run as part of a one-credit course, “Celebrating World Interfaith Harmony Week,” offered to W&M students by Tamara Sonn, William R. Kenan, Jr. professor of Humanities in the Department of Religious Studies. “The UN’s designation of the first week of February as World Interfaith Harmony Week reflects the growing global awareness of the importance of interfaith understanding,” said Sonn. “The goal is to go beyond mere tolerance to active cooperation on shared values.” Recognizing the first week of February as World Interfaith Harmony Week was officially and unanimously adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on Oct. 20, 2010 - Building on the UN Alliance of Civilizations, the week provides a platform for promoting peace and non-violence, and eliminating intolerance and discrimination based on religion or belief. Registration is encouraged for those planning to attend. ................................... Post- Conference Interfaith Service Opportunity: On February 16th, recognizing the importance of transforming interfaith understanding into collective action for the common good, William & Mary’s I-Faith student club is organizing a service event via pathways, an organization that grew from multi-belief engagement to meet health, education and job needs at Petersburg, Virginia ( Petersburg is a historic city, an important hub of African-American life, that was central to the Civil Rights Movement. But currently it has the highest poverty rate among children in Virginia (41.4%), the majority of whom are in dire need of basic services. We will go to Petersburg to do service and also gain richer understanding by sharing each other beliefs and motivation. The event will be held on February 16th with an orientation meeting on the 14th or 15th.

One Film 9/11 interfaith initiative

Start: Friday 1st of March 2013 12:00:18 AM
End: Friday 1st of March 2013 12:00:21 AM
Location: Worldwide, Dublin, IE
One Film 9/11 is an interfaith initiative which started after the controversy over the film The Innocence of Muslims. To counter the hateful message of this film, Craig Considine, a young Catholic American from Massachusetts, has set the goal of screening his documentary Journey into America in homes, schools, and places of worship around the Muslim and non-Muslim world on September 11th, 2013. The purpose of One Film 9/11 is to build religious and cultural bridges and mend ties between Muslims and non-Muslim worldwide. Journey into America is the most comprehensive documentary ever done on the American Muslim community. The film was created by Professor Akbar Ahmed, who the BBC claims 'is the world's leading authority on contemporary Islam', and his team of young American researchers and explores the issue of what it means to be ‘American’ through the lens of Muslims.

International Conference on Yoga, Spirituality and Expo 2013from 2nd to 6th jan 2013

Start: Wednesday 2nd of January 2013 12:00:05 AM
End: Sunday 6th of January 2013 12:00:05 AM
Location: Palace Grounds, Armane Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Bangalore, IN
pl visit our web and email [email protected] great unique events like -WISDOM SHOW -face to face program with saints, researchers. doctors,from 2nd to 5th jan 2013 -WORLD PEACE PRAYER -3rd jan 2013 @ 5.30 pm (ist)- observed in 83 countries through CCs of URI (UN body) - GURU SANGAMA - 4th jan 4 pm - meeting of all religious masters on world peace through yoga, ayurveda and spirituality - AMBASSADORS' MEET - 5th jan @ 4 pm - already many ambassadors confirmed participation and very happy about WORLD PEACE PRAYER. please support for world peace if not for the prize, please do visit and encourage by your messages from all the members of jury WIHW

CCSU interfaith

Start: Monday 4th of February 2013 12:00:09 AM
End: Friday 8th of February 2013 12:00:16 AM
Location: Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT, New Britain, US
first ever interfaith harmony week celebration at Central CT State University includes speakers, traveling art exhibit and a 5 school inter-hillel network. Hillel being the natural jewish organization on college campuses.

Unidivers Mag — a way of interfaith understanding

Start: Tuesday 1st of January 2013 12:00:00 AM
End: Thursday 31st of January 2013 12:00:13 AM
Location: Rennes, Rennes, FR
Unidivers Mag is a newspaper which promote local (Rennes area, France) interfaith harmony through common undestanding, knowledge and culture. Set two years ago by various people of goodwill, this newspaper inscreases day after day its good reputation and influence. For instance, a regular topic named Memento display a dialogue between Christians, Muslims and Bouddhists about a subject (thruth, faith, ritual, love and so on). The goal of Unidivers Mag is to create a deep link of cooperation between believers and non-belivers and between Christians, Muslims and Bouddhists in french Brittany trough the press.