Celebrate World Interfaith Harmony Week!

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by admin on February 6, 2012

Harmony amongst religions seems like a no-brainer, but unfortunately conflict in the name of religion seems to be at the root of many of the challenges our world faces! In October of 2010, acting on a proposal by HM King Abdullah II of Jordan, the U.N. General Assembly designated the first week in February as “World Interfaith Harmony Week.” The idea is that promoting and celebration interfaith harmony in the international community is the best place to start promoting harmony for all. ”Love of the Good, and love of the neighbor” — this is the underpinning message of the week. This year marks the second annual celebration worldwide, with hundreds of gatherings, meals, forums, events, and celebrations taking place all over the globe.

Euphrates encourages you to visit the website to learn more about the reasons behind the declaration, as well as the many different ways to commemorate the ideal of harmony amongst faiths leading the way to harmony for all. Find an event near you, and join in the conversation! This inspiring model, with support from so many religious leaders and international community, is certainly helping to prepare for peace!