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NaN-NaN-NaN 10:30 PM - 11:25 PM

Country: Iraq
City: Baghdad


We have landed on this earth to make it beautiful and to live a happy life."We live only once."Regardless of who we are, where we come from, what colour or race, regardless of our religions, we share one land,one destiny and one spirit !.That we can learn from each other and share cultures, and that is why we are excited to explore countries, traditions and religions.The other things have gained the earth's beauty (the beauty of life) "when we are Under one roof "under one heaven" there will be a close relationship between us and anything that will affect others regardless! We talked about love is instinct, but the hate we learn with our will! Love for God first and for yourself Second will be thesource of love for others What you did during the week of harmony is "My friends and sisters" with our artist and teacher "Sami Yusuf"(campaigning ona social networking program) Our artist has gathered people from all over the world regardless of their religion,color or race through His song (the gift of love), which motivated us to stand up against to hatred and that was fun!thanks WIHW for tis step that is one of practice to return publish love and peace between us apart from who we are!