World Interfaith Harmony Week: Humans of Interfaith in the Heartland

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2019-02-02 10:00 AM

Country: United States
City: Kansas City
This event is a joint event with the Great Kansas City Interfaith Council, Kansas City Interfaith Youth Alliance, and Faith Always Wins Foundation. Entire event would be at Rime Center 10am-:10:15 Welcome and Icebreakers 10:15-10:45 Intro to Sihkism and the Turban 10:50-11:30 Turban Wrapping and Humans of Interfaith in the Heartland Photo Campaign 11:45-12:45 Langar and Learn about Buddhist beliefs 12:45-1pm Cleanup from Langar 1pm-1:45 pm Brotherly and Sisterly Love: A day to create notes and candy bags to show thanks to teachers, parents, etc. Cards and candy bags will also be taken to Village Shalom and Operation Break Through. 1:45-2pm Reflection on the experience.