World Interfaith Harmony Week

In by thinkround


2020-01-26 All Day

Think Round, Inc.

2140 Bush Street, Suite 1

Country: United States
City: San Francisco, California


Think Round, Inc. (TRI) started the celebration of World Interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW) with Richa Sharma, TRI volunteer, visited the UN for three days courtesy of URI in celebration of WIHW from January 26th -29th. As part of her UN Visit, Richa was interviewed by Martha Gallahue, an alternate ECOSOC (spell out). Martha is a representative at the UN and co-coordinator of URI-UN circle. Since her return from the UN, Richa has interviewed Monica Willard, the main URI representative to the UN and Alice Swett, Director of Global Programs, URI. Additionally, in the coming days, Richa will be interviewing her fellow attendees to the UN to learn of the impact of URI’s UN visit on all chosen to participate in this celebration of WIHW. (Photos and videos links below)



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In spirit of continued celebration of WIHW, Think Round Fine Art’s exhibit, ‘The Whole Earth/One Circle Again’ featuring twelve San Francisco fine artists, opened on February 1 and was on display through February 29, 2020. (Photos link below)


TRI supported Calvary Presbyterian Church, our partner in promoting Interfaith Harmony, God’s Great Earth Children’s Art Exhibition for World Interfaith Harmony Week celebrations. (Photos link below)


TRI also hosted Spirit Boat Making Workshop on February 1st that was attended by more than twenty children, youth and their parents, who created their own Spirit Boats. Participants learned the spirit of teamwork while envisioning the journey from the visible to the invisible where they can manifest their own reality or heart’s desires. (Photos link below)

 For raising awareness of WIHW, TRI also posted all our documented work (photos and videos) on our social media accounts every day from February 1st -7th and posted throughout the month additional video footage.

Combined, these events and all TRI’s activities done in celebration of WIHW, have helped us promote our Paradise Project and code of ethics: “Earth is home. Humans are family.”

The main focus of TRI is to complete the Paradise installations and build the center for the Human Family to house it. During WIHW, TRI reached out to and found three Hindu and one Sikh families who will become subject families of Part IV of Paradise: Family Dharma. On display from September through November 2020, this installation will present 78 portraits in celebration of interfaith camaraderie, respect, and admiration and catalyst to unify all.

 Fine artist and founder, director of Think Round, Inc., Heidi Hardin explains her vision for the Paradise Project like this: “It is my belief that the peoples of the earth live within webs of cultural and social forces, much as stars and planets exist within webs of natural forces that both bind them together and keep them apart.  Though we seem to live as separate individuals, nations, cultures, and faiths, in truth we are one in our humanity.”

 In this way, Think Round, Inc. For the past twenty years has been celebrating WIHW and will continue to celebrate WIHW every day, in every way. the idea of celebrating the difference between cultures and ending long lasting conflicts between faiths and religions.