Country: Uganda
  • Organizer

    Rev Canon Prof Gideon B Byamugisha (on behalf of Wamala Youths & Communities of Faith, CA4HD, FOCAGIFO , UNERELA+)

  • Location

    Chairman Zaidi Magnanimity Center- Katooke A -Wamala Ward

  • Email

    [email protected]

A- BACKGROUND TO EVENT: On Sat 26th February 2022; Uganda will launch the Parish Development Model (PDM) as a nationwide intervention to ensure all parishes and wards in Uganda are proactively and harmoniously engaged in activities aimed at (a) Overcoming barriers to (i) Better local community level skilling and holistic empowerment, (ii) Holistic health and security (iii) Holistic justice and equitable development (b) Achieving equity in access to efforts , resources and services in the three areas mentioned in (a) above (c) Attaining a type of community and national level prosperity that: (i) is Grounded on True Love , Deep Respect and Human Dignity of Neighbor (ii) Leaves no one youth, no one family and/ or no one local community behind (or worse out) (iii) Helps local communities to overcome household level poverty and youth unemployment and enables them to (iv) Control malaria , TB, and non-communicable diseases, prevent sexual and reproductive ill-health, mitigate COVID-19 impacts and End AIDS Faster. B- THE EVENT= The next day Sunday 27th February ; 50 Youths of Faith that were Not In Education, not in Employment and not in Training (NEET) before The Wamala Ward Community Advocates for Health, Security and Dev't (CA4HSD) Sponsored them to get skilling plus another 90 youths Living With, Most- At- Risk of, Most Vulnerable to and /or Most Impacted By HIV & Teen Pregnancies, Gendered Violence & Poverty Will Join 60 of Their Local Community Councilors and Chairpersons, their Spiritual Mentors and Cultural Gatekeepers, their Educators and Trainers as well their Community Leaders , Societal Governors and the Business Community to Pray that This Country Wide PDM Succeeds in Its 'Poverty ,Un-employment & Ill-health Eradication' Goals, Objectives and Targets for the Sake of Tackling Inequity and Ending AIDS Faster, Achieving the 2030 SDGs and Attaining Vision 2040 (Uganda), Vision 2050 (EAC) & Vision 2063 (Africa Union) . The gathered Youths and their Interfaith community will also pray with and for each other and their country regarding the COVID-19 reality and the local community level stigma, discrimination & deprivation challenges wrought and/or made worse by both the epidemic and the increased breakdown of sincere love and trust, harmony and solidarity among and between individuals and families, local communities and whole societies at national, regional and global level . Finally, the youths of faith and their interfaith community leaders and societal governors gathered will discuss and develop consensus on a 'youth- led and faith community focused ' Declaration draft titled: "LEADING FROM OUR HARMONIOUS FRONT" To (1.0) OVERCOME PDM & YOUTH SKILLING, EMPOWERMENT (YES) & HEALTH BARRIERS (2.0) ACHIEVE EQUITY AND (3.0) REALIZE LOCAL COMMUNITIES WITHOUT (3.1) POVERTY & INSECURITY (3.2) AIDS & OTHER TYPES OF PREVENTABLE ILL-HEALTH & CONTROLLABLE DEATHS (3.3 ) OTHER DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGES RELATED TO THE ABSENCE OF ENOUGH LOVE FOR GOD & COUNTRY, COMMUNITY & NEIGHBOR . C- JUSTIFICATION: Comprising the majority of the population of Uganda in general and Wamala Ward in particular and with the overarching "Love God; Love Neighbor" Faith Duty, Spiritual Call and Prophetic Command on Individual, Family, Local Community, National and Global Level 'Justice & Fairness', 'Righteousness & Equity'; Continued faith sector harmony, solidarity prayers, collaborative actions and prophetic voices of local community members of faith (together with their leaders and congregations) will have a great bearing on not only the health, security and development (HSD) outcomes of the Parish Development Model (PDM) but also on the HSD outcomes of other National, Regional and Global Level Commitments, Declarations and Initiatives like The Presidential Fast Track Initiative to End AIDS As A Public Health Threat In Uganda by 2030, The National Development Plan 111; The National Equity Plan 2020-2024; The Road-map Towards Zero New Infections by 2030; The 2020 National Policy on Ending HIV Stigma and Discrimination, The 2021 ESA Ministerial Commitment to the Education, Health and Well-being of Adolescents and Young People , The Education 2030 Agenda , The End Inequality, End AIDS- 2021 Global AIDS Strategy & the 2021-2026 Political Declaration on HIV & AIDS. KEY OUTPUTS : Output 1.0 Interfaith Prayers for Increased Harmony & Deepened Partnerships Held Declaration on Overcoming barriers, Achieving Equity Developed, Discussed & Adopted. Output 2.0 3 Steering Committees on 3.1 Better Community Level Skilling & Health, 3.2 Deeper Community Level Safety & Holistic Security 3.3 More Equitable Development that Leaves No Adolescents & Youths Behind (or worse, Out) formed (that is 1- 'Wamala Youths Interfaith Forum' ; 2-'Wamala Women Interfaith Forum' and 3-'Wamala Spiritual Mentors, Cultural Gatekeepers & Community Leaders Forum') Output: 3.0 Dates , Venue , Program & Planned Outputs of the 27-31 2022 March Interfaith Harmony & Solidarity Week on Adolescents' & Young People's Skilling & Health, Security & Development ( to commemorate the February Love Month & the International Women's Day for Wamala and the neighboring 3 Parishes/Wards ) reviewed and consensus reached. LONG TERM IMPACTS (2025) OF THE EVENT : A BLUE PRINT FOR FAITH SECTOR HARMONY & PARTNERSHIPS, INVESTMENTS & CONTRIBUTIONS TO IMPLEMENTING THE PARISH DEVELOPMENT MODEL(PDM), ACHIEVING EQUITY IN ADOLESCENT & YOUNG PEOPLE'S SKILLING & HEALTH, SECURITY & DEVELOPMENT (ON ONE HAND ) AND TO ENDING AIDS FASTER AND BETTER (ON THE OTHER ) DOCUMENTED & SCALED UP