Universal Worship on the theme Love

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Country: United States
City: Toledo, OH
The MultiFaith Council of NW Ohio sponsors monthly themed Universal Worship Services based on the service created by Sufi Universalist Hazrat Inayat Khan in 1921. Our services are unique in that, while led by two ordained Cherags Judy Lee Nur-un-nisa Trautman of Sufi Ruhaniat Internationsl and Lauraine Carpenter of the Inayatiyya, the readings and music or poetry are presented by authentic representatives of 8-9 faith traditions in NW Ohio. Over the years, we have formed a MultiFaith Family and have learned experientially that we hold much in common. We miss in person services, but our Zoom to Facebook Live Services have had well over 4000 views, a hidden blessing. We are spreading the message of Interfaith Harmony.