UN World Interfaith Harmony Week Art Exhibition

In by zeinab


2020-02-07 9:25 PM

Country: Denmark
  • Organizer

    Kolding International Congregation

  • Location

    Main Library in Kolding

  • Email

    [email protected]

In observance of the UN World InterFaith Harmony Week, we have arranged  to be permitted to do the second time Art Exhibition at the Main Library.in Kolding.  After a period of coordination, we have found  17 artists who have committed themselves to contribute to the Art Exhibition 2020. It’s important for us that the hanging up of the artists’ art works should take place any day  within  the global week observance, that is, between February 1-7.  The very busy library could allow us only to start the exhibition on the 7th of February until the 27th of February. That has made us so happy and grateful enough. With some of our artists who are used to doing exhibitions in different places, it’s  easy to find a very satisfying structure in setting up the full exhibition– occupying 20 billboards to  43 art works. It’s inspiring to note that this main library records 1,000 visitors on a daily basis. We have to exhibit also information on UN WIFHW and some texts from sacred scriptures, citations of leaders, poems and thoughts of wisdom that all point to the necessity of coming together to express our commitment to  live in peace and harmony. And this time, we use art of the artists to bring this message and conviction.