Theater Drama ‘Rajni’

In by Pakistan Interfaith Council



Country: Pakistan
City: Lahore, Punjab
National/Youth Council Interfaith Peace and Harmony and President of Faces Pakistan Mr. Javaid William organized our fourth activity in Punjabi Theater. The name of the play was Rajni. The story of the stage drama was about the meeting of two great Sufi elders of the subcontinent. These are the great Sufis of Islamic history. The play was written by Najam Hussain and directed by Huma Safdar. Lesson from drama ethical training to accommodate each other and accept shortcomings. Mr. Javaid William, President FACES Pakistan said we should forbid the word tolerance; we should not tolerate but accept each other.It is our responsibility to promote mutual understanding. Nabeel Anthony, one of the youth leaders, said that we have to practice living together at family level. Minister Ejaz Alam Augustine said that we have learned a lot in Interfaith Week and it is our responsibility to take it forward.