The Saint and the Sultan

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2019-01-22 11:00 AM

Country: Netherlands
City: Aerdenhout North Holland
We celebrated the dialogue between the Sultan of Egypt al-Malik al-Kamel and Francis of Assisi during the Fifth Crusade. This unique and touching meeting took place 800 years ago this year. i.e. in 1219. At that time the Crusaders, including Dutch militants, were laying siege to the Egyptian town of Damietta. In spite of the peace proposals of the Sultan, who was willing to exchange Jerusalem for Damiate, the crusaders pressed on with their violence. This ended in a humanitarian disaster. During the hostilities the friar Francis of Assisi crossed the enemy lines to bring a friendly visit to the Sultan, The Muslim ruler welcomed him with the respect shown in the Quran to Christian Monks. Marlies ter Borg author of Sharing Mary, Bible and Quran Side by Side. would like to get into contact with a citizen of Damietta or an Egyptian expert on the fifth crusade to Damietta. [email protected]