The Ripple Conference; Finding Your Voice: Interfaith and Storytelling

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Country: United States
City: North Carolina
Through this weekend-long, student-led, regional interfaith conference, our goal is to empower and inspire interfaith student leaders. Last year at Ripple 2018 we had over 150 attendees from 20 schools. Ripple 2019 promises to be even bigger and better than ever! ? The Ripple Conference offers time to learn, engage, reflect, and share. Together we will learn about other traditions, including religious, spiritual, and secular worldviews. Through panel discussions and student-led breakout sessions we will explore the ways that practices, values, and beliefs inform each of our stories. We will engage in social justice and interfaith dialogue by taking part in a conference-wide service project. In smaller community groups, we will share our own stories and process the conference experience. Other events within the conference will offer time to share music, stories, and delicious local food. The Ripple Conference offers a balance of structured and unstructured, small and large group events to provide a unique conference experience. We don’t just want to talk about interfaith, we want to make it happen. Elon University and The Ripple Conference are committed to the principle of equal opportunity and to the principle of dual right and responsibilities. Elon University is a walkable campus, and the Numen Lumen Pavilion, which will house the main events of the conference is wheelchair-friendly. Numen Lumen also has a large kitchen, where medication can be stored and/or visitors can prepare their own foods. The Shabbat meal on Friday night will be from Taaza Indian Bistro and will be halal and kosher style. We can offer Kosher-style and vegetarian options throughout the conference. We have universal restrooms located on the second floor, and an elevator. The Numen Lumen Pavilion houses several spaces and opportunities for conference attendees to engage in their own spiritual and religious traditions when convenient for them. There will be a Catholic Mass at 12:00 p.m. on Friday, February 15th in the McBride Sacred Space. As part of the Ripple Conference, Shabbat Dinner, Jum’ah Prayer, and a yoga class will all be held throughout the weekend. Additionally, our building houses a meditation room, prayer room, ablutions, and a meditation garden for your observance needs.