Stratford Children’s Festival

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2019-01-19 2:00 PM

We Are One

We Are One

Country: Canada
City: Ontario, Stratford
Over 200 people attended the Stratford Childrens Festival on Feb 23, 2019, held at Nancy Campbell Academy, an international school. Children and youth performed music, created art, played games, made new friends from diverse backgrounds and religions. Grade 9 and 10 students assisted families to care for their little ones, provide refreshments, do origami, pescario (Brazilian game), and encourage the budding musicians and performers. On February 10th, InterFaith prayers in Chinese were offered by Chinese families, the devotional was held at Hazen Clinic. On February 24th, InterFaith prayers in Spanish were offered by Spanish speakers, again held at Hazen Clinic. On February 3rd, Chinese students prepared food for Syrians and other international families at the Local Community Food Centre. Every Wednesday evening, prayers and study of sacred Writings are held at a neighbourhood home. Every Monday morning, Noble Beings is held at the homes of mothers of diverse backgrounds when they come together for prayers with their little ones. Now the 2 and 3 year olds can sing the prayers and know to sit quietly. Presentation by Jaellayna Palmer who participated in the Parliament of World's Religions was postponed due to inclement weather. Her talk focussing on her learning about Climate Change will be held in April in Stratford ON (we can send photos from 1 289 921 5711, please send us the correct email to send the photos to)