Rain of Friendship

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2019-02-01 All Day

Country: Austria
City: Lienz Tyrol
We invite children, young people and adults all over Austria to writh loving thoughts on eatable paper with non toxic colours and send them with the water of a nearby river through the landscape to the ocean. The sun will make clouds of it, who can travel far. And then, someday and somewhere, a rain of blessings comes from heaven to earth. We will inform libraries, schools, religious institutions and media about the WIHW and send them the link to the story "The little owl" in 45 languages on www. little-owl.net about the question "who created everything". Groups can read it together and then start a "Rain of Friendship" all over the world. We also will spread the information about www.projectheavenonearth.com and the http://heaven-on-earth-wiki.org where the WIHW was added too. It is a collection of people, institutions and projects, who work on "Heaven on Earth". This "Rain of Friendship" idea will also be spread through "United Religions Initiative" Cooperation Circles in Europe and global. If we get pictures, we will put them on our webpage.