Prayers for the City

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2019-02-03 3:00 PM

Country: South Africa
City: Cape Town, Western Cape
In this, the second of four Cape Town Interfaith Initiative events for WIHW, we invite the entire City to come together in Prayer. We start at the Siddique Mosque in Elsie's River, where the Imam will grace us with a call to prayer. From there we walk in contemplative prayer to an outdoor site where every faith community in Cape Town has been invited to offer a prayerful contribution in the form of prayer, poetry, song, dance or chant. The outdoor venue was chosen because it is in the centre of a very poor community which is constantly threatened by violence, crime, gang activity, fear and lawlessness. This empty lot was identified by the community as a crime hotspot, so they got together and cleaned it up. They painted the boundary walls, picked up litter and decorated the borders with brightly painted tires and a few plants. We have invited faith communities from all over the city to join us in support of Cape Town and many of her forgotten people. Cape Town Interfaith Initiative hosts this 2 hour programme in collaboration with Faith Hope Love Communities of Elsie's River.