Painting Exhibition on Interfaith Harmony Week Observance

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2019-02-01 9:40 PM

Country: Denmark
City: Kolding
  • Location

    Kolding Library

This is  to foster public  understanding on this world wide observance of the Inter Faith Harmony Week. There are 12 artists who will exhibit 2 or 3 of their paintings on the theme for Interfaith Harmony among peoples of different cultures and faiths. This exhibition  will be from January 25 to February 22 , 2019 at  Kolding Library.  There will be launching of this exhibition to bring public awareness on our  need for harmony, tolerance and understanding in spite of our  cultural and religious  differences.  The exhibition is open to all who are visiting the library daily and those who come during the scheduled day of its launching where artists are invited to say something about their art. Artists deliver their paintings to the library on January 25 and on the 1st of February, the exhibition will be launched open to public view... Information from Kolding Library on the event as shown on the library's website: The same event is also posted on Facebook: The next activity to mark the UN endorsed InterFaith Harmony Week is the Opening of the Exhibition of 12 artists who exhibit their paintings at Kolding Library. Take note of the date of the painting exhibition, February 1 at 14.30. Take your friends with. And be oriented more on the significance of Inter-Faith Harmony Week among peoples of different faiths or religions. How do art in paintings and other art genres demonstrate the message of love, peace, harmony and justice for our common existence? Space for initial report: The honorable, Jørn Pedersen, the mayor of the town of Kolding, will open the ART EXHIBITION on February 1 at 3 pm, marking the first day of the world wide observance of Interfaith Harmony Week.