Open Door service: Sherry Coman and Steve Hoffard, Sarah Glinske

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2021-01-27 8:10 PM - 5:45 PM

Country: Canada
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    Martin Luther University College

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    Zoom link Meeting ID: 864 2424 3164

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    [email protected]

Everyone is welcome to worship with us during our weekly Open Door communion service. Various themes, presiders and preachers. Zoom link Meeting ID: 864 2424 3164 Passcode: 409316 At their best, university chapels are experimental spaces, places where people sift through narrative and poetry, music and ritual, history and practice to create from new combinations of old things something that is alive in the present. They offer a place to put the specialized knowledge of the university into conversation with larger human concerns; to consider the wisdom of religious thought and practice as part of our human inheritance; and to ask what we might learn through prayer, faith, and service. — Stephanie Paulsell from "When the chapel is the most open place on campus" in Christian Century, October 4, 2019.