One Prayer For All

In by URI Lienz


2020-01-30 All Day

Country: Austria
City: Tyrol, Lienz
We started the project "ONE PRAYER FOR ALL" with women from Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Chechenia and Austria. From now on, we invite people from all faith to think, everytime, they are hearing any church bell, muezzin, temple bell, sacred drum,.....  or seeing a place of worship from any religions:  "Dear God, Allah, Great Spirit, Holy Father.....( or the name you choose), please bless and strenghten my thoughts, my heart and my hands, so that I can create more Heaven on Earth. Thank you"  Or in a short form: "May there be Heaven on Earth for all". This message will go out with all kinds of media, FB, all over Austria and worldwide during February.  We hope to inspire many people. Church bells call Christians for prayer at least three times every day. This was an inspiration from the meeting of Sultan al-Malik al-Kāmil in Damiette and St. Francis from Assisi 800 years ago, where he was impressed by the five muslim prayers a day. We hope, that Christians, who are tourists in Muslim countries also start to pray, when they hear a muezzin or see a mosque. People who join the idea can put a picture from their hands on the WIHW Lienz Austria Facebook Page.