Let’s Talk about Comprehensive Peace Program

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2021-01-26 7:27 PM

Country: Colombia
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    CC Asociación de Líderes de Comunidades de Fe-Teusaquillo Territorio de Paz

In the framework of the World Interreligious Harmony Week, Rev. Luis San Miguel, member of the CC Association of Community Leaders of Faith-Teusaquillo Territory of Peace, transmitted online, via streeming, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter the program Let's Talk about Integral Peace on January 26, 2021. In this edition, Henry Ramírez Soler, a Claretian Missionary, was invited to talk about how to have integral peace in the communities: ".... The Ev. Mark 3: 31-35, they say to Jesus: Your mother and your brothers are looking for you. Jesus responds: My mother and my brothers are all those who do the will of my father. It seems that this expression of Jesus identifies us with the God of humanity. From now on we are going to propose to look at the other person at my mother and my brothers / sisters, this means that we will try to respect him, and we will walk with him and She whatever it takes to reach a new humanity, distant from hatred, anger and resentment, united in the religion of love that is the will, because "a better world is possible" ..... To be continued, Rev. LFSC.