Learning Danish Language with lesson content on the UN World Inter-Faith Harmony Week

In by Elizabeth P. Olesen



Country: Denmark
City: Simon Peters Hus, Islandsvej 4, 6000 Kolding, Denmark
  • Organizer

    Kolding International Congregation of Kolding Provsti and Migrant Cooperation and Folk Church Meeting with Other Religions

  • Location

    Simon Peters Church, Islandsvej 12, 6000 Kolding

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    [email protected]

Immigrants, foreigners, refugees, guest workers come to us to learn the Danish language in our Sprogcafe program/school as one of the keys to their integration in this new country, Denmark. Lessons in February will focus on the United Nations and the history around the adoption of World Inter-Faith Harmony Week, also learning about the basics in different religions and what these religions have in common. There will be four sessions in the month of February in observance of the UN World Inter-Faith Harmony Week.